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Studio Meta is a digital agency full of inspired creators ; clever developers ; ambitious, visionary and responsible leaders.

10 years of experience

25 passionate craftsmen

75 % growth in 3 years

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Creator - Studio Meta Creator - Studio Meta
Clever - Studio Meta Clever - Studio Meta

25 collaborators in Strasbourg and Paris

Digital strategists, UX experts, traffic managers, project managers, designers, developers

Jéremie Werner Jérémie Werner CEO

Guillaume Schermesser Guillaume Schermesser TPM Manager

Titouan Mathis Titouan Mathis Lead Developer

Lucas Woock Lucas Woock Art director

Jérôme Wohlschlegel Jérôme Wohlschlegel Front-end developer

Thomas Bailly Thomas Bailly Lead Developer

Ludovic Janot Ludovic Janot Front-end developer

Malvina Garnier Malvina Garnier COO

Sidney Briand Sidney Briand Art director

Lucas Simeon Lucas Simeon Full-stack developer

Thomas Coutant Thomas Coutant Front-end developer

Robin Marzin Robin Marzin UX Strategist

Jean Baptiste Bailly Jean Baptiste Bailly Front-end Developer

Antoine Quatrelivre Antoine Quatrelivre Full-stack developer

Coralie Bach Coralie Bach Full-Stack developer

Geoffrey Touchais Geoffrey Touchais CMO

Maël Mandis Maël Mandis Back-end Developer

Jérémie Schelb Jérémie Schelb Front-end Developer

Sophie Miclo Sophie Miclo Project Manager

Nicolas Mertz Nicolas Mertz Project Manager

Anca Bilbie Anca Bilbie Project Manager

Keziah Moselle Keziah Moselle Front-end Developer

Julien Adam Julien Adam Project Manager

Jérémie Valdenaire Jérémie Valdenaire Back-end Developer

Lucas Ulmer Lucas Ulmer Front-end Developer

Lydie Arbogast Lydie Arbogast Human resources manager

We are always looking for new talents and new contacts. If you are passionate and share our vision for the digital medium, let us know !

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